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A Special announcement

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Yes! The plot has been sketched. Songs are afoot. A tasty brew is on the burner. The long awaited next phase of creative birthing is being born.

“Honey? Let’s have another baby.”

“Uh, O.K. Only this time can it be an amusing and poignant journey raising questions regarding the redefinition of success in the new millennium as mores and technologies undergo a seismic shift, presented for the stage with intriguing characters and uplifting music?”

“…sure… can you put the clothes in the dryer?”

And so, we are very excited to announce a theatrical pregnancy. An accident? Perhaps. But we are truly thrilled. We wanted to wait 6 weeks pefore we let everyone know, just to be sure it was viable. The next 32 weeks wont be easy but with your loving support we can surely deliver our best creation ever! (Apologies to the kids, we still love you, just in a different way). Expect images of our growing belly. We’ve begun planning the shower…