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Five Hundred Horses

Songs can change your life, says the songwriter.

Check this out:
My wife likes to tell the story of how close she came to not coming out to see me play that night.
“I was listening to the CD he gave me and it just wasn’t doing anything for me. If he’s ‘serious’ about his music and I don’t like it what kind of future can we possibly have. I mean, how awkward is that! I make sure everyone hears Five Hundred Horses. I’m proud of it. I’m lucky it came on for Leyna when it did. She got herself dressed to the nines, caught my show. The rest is history. If it weren’t for that song the miracles that are my two kids would have never happened.
Its about inspiration, being lost in a moment, escape.


Five Hundred Horses

Five hundred horses
I see them coming
the chief he showed me how
keep one ear on the ground
showed me how to make it rain

Supper’s hot
on my table
but this should be quite a sight
five hundred horses
I see them coming
out of the mountains
the clouds are getting orange
I see them coming
supper’s getting cold